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Regular Business Meeting Agenda June 17th ,2024


Township Meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of every month @ 2:00pm at township building located at 238 Pike Run Drive, Daisytown Pa 15427. If you are unable to attend and would like to address the board, you can email your comment or concerns to 238township@gmail.com. or Schedule time to call in @724-938-9194.

The Codifying of Township Ordinances: Click Link below. 

West Pike Run Township Ordinances 

Monthly Meetings are on the 3RD Monday each month at 2:00 pm and are held in the meeting room in the township building located at 238 Pike Run Drive, Daisytown, PA.  15427.

Population: (2020 Census) 1542

Area:  16.3 square miles

Miles of Roads:  26

2024 Budget:  $840,913.15

Tax Rates:

  • Real Estate Tax:  1.71 mills.
  • Fire Protection Tax:  .30 mills.
  • Per Capita Tax:  $5
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax:  .5%
  • Earned Income Tax:  .5%
  • Mechanical Device Tax:  $100
  • School Tax:  91.07 mills

** One mill is worth $ 89,820.10 in West Pike Run Township**

*Fact:  The cost for each snowfall in West Pike Run Township is approximately $3,000.00 including road materials, fuel, and payroll.




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